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Cinnabar is considered a powerful stone and, due to being a mercury variant, that quality is both physical and metaphysical. Unsealed natural cinnabar needs to be worn and used carefully--do NOT ingest cinnabar in any way! Do not soak it in water--avoid wearing the stone against the skin in humid or perspiring conditions. Wash your hands and skin if they do come into contact with a natural, unsealed stone.

All of those warnings aside, cinnabar is thought to be a stone of manifestation: it brings things into being. (It is especially popular among those seeking wealth, assertiveness and romance.) For wealth generation, it is recommended to keep cinnabar close to the register or check-out--wherever the business takes in money. Sales people are encouraged to wear cinnabar, as it lifts their self-assurance and persuasive power. Cinnabar is said to aid those who seek love as well, making them manifest their best and most attractive selves--and breaking through inhibitions and self-doubts.

Buddha with Cinnabar

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