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A Heart Chakra stone, it aids in releasing buried emotions and blockages to harmonize emotions and intellect. It is uplifting and encourages us to think positively and let go of negative feelings that we may be holding onto. Cobalto Calcite brings increased harmony to people working together, and aids in forming friendships.

Like all Calcites, Cobaltoan is an excellent crystal for students, as it allows for more effective studying, retain lessons learned, and amplifies learning. This stone helps us to discover our innate talents and our life purpose. It stimulates creativity, uplifts emotion, promotes harmony, and dispels negativity. Cobaltoan Calcite charges the auric bodies and facilitates a deep, steady connection to the spirit world. It is an excellent stone for meditation and may be used to induce deep relaxation and generate new ideas and solutions. It is a useful too to help achieve a Theta state.

Cobaltoan Calcite

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